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We are open Monday through

Thursday from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.


NJS does not participate in the Universal Preschool Program.


Consistency is key in the life of young children. We encourage continuity of care. It is very confusing for children to attend two programs simultaneously. Each school has a very specific philosophy, expectations and rules.
Often the children are not sure which school they are going to daily and what is expected of them. They like the sense of belonging/embracing one school. It is not safe when we are out and about ~ as we often cross paths with the other schools and the children are not sure whom to go with. Lastly, it doubly exposes the children to many potential illnesses and in turn they return to their respective preschool, doubling the exposure for all. Now more than ever, our policy of asking parents not to have their children attend different preschools simultaneously is very important. 


We have adopted a very strict COVID-19 Safety Plan and ask all parents respect and adhere to this policy. Thank you!


The good news is that there are many amazing preschool options for your children. You cannot make a poor choice and you will know the best fit for your family.


NJS follows the Roaring Fork School District Holiday/Spring Break Calendar. Please refer to the Calendar Section - Closed Days on this website for exact dates. We are not closed for teacher in service days,

conference days or work days.


Children currently enrolled (in good standing) have first priority with choice of days, alumni families and/or siblings of children have 2nd priority and then we go to the wait list. Anticipated Enrollment forms are sent out in early February.

New parents, there will be a $350.00 deposit taken to hold your child’s spot. There is a one-time

$50.00 enrollment fee also.


If you are interested in placing your child on the wait list, please fill out the wait list form listed below.

Thank you!


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