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 NJS offers make-up days on a one-to-one trade basis, for all missed paid days.
Please review our make-up policy below, we ask that parents respect and adhere

to it. It is a lot of additional work, but works well when we are all on the same page.

Thank you for respecting our Make-Up Policy.

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Any time that you know your child will not be in attendance please
email and let us know by date(s).


Please call, text (379-6510) or email by
8:00 a.m. to let us know if your child is ill and will not be

attending on a given day. This opens up a spot for another child

to use a make-up. You may email or text, if you know the

night before or early morning.

Parents are responsible to keep track of all missed paid days by
date(s). Make-ups will be honored on a one-one basis for each

date, on a space available basis. Tuition MUST BE CURRENT

in order to use make-up(s).


Make-ups may be used on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS ONLY.


Make-ups are not to be used to rearrange your child’s schedule

weekly, e.g. playdates, skiing, etc.

On a similar note, please DO NOT count on an additional day weekly

to supplement your child’s schedule. Please choose the day(s) that you

would like for your children to attend and schedule accordingly.

You may request a make-up day by

emailing Please do not call and ask the

teachers to check for you or to write your requests in. This is very

disruptive and takes away from the children.


Mare will confirm if the make-up day requested is available or not.
If you have agreed to your child coming for a make-up day on the
day requested, that will be counted as a make-up day ~ even if

you (or your child) decide not to come (We do not want to

hold make-up spots unnecessarily).


We share make-up(s) with all of the children. We take turns with the

children (i.e. if your child recently had a make-up, we may go to the next

name). Do not be discouraged if there are several names.


Keep track of the days missed and used by date(s). It is your responsibility to do so. We have very detailed records and can check against yours if necessary.

It is very time consuming and difficult to have to chase and

                        we value the honesty of our NJS families.                    


Thank you!

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