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Children learn through play. NJS is committed to offering a nurturing, safe and stimulating program. One devoted to discovery and enhancing self-esteem. We blend nature with our traditional preschool, coupled with our amazing farm environment into a constructive playground for the children to foster their innate curiosity and sensitivity. Consistency of care is paramount and lends to an overall high-quality experience for all. NJS provides one consistent cohort, offering quality care for children 2.5 year through 4 year (12 children daily). Providing a weekly thematic curriculum for the younger friends, incorporating the Letter People and a rich preparedness curriculum for the older friends, coupled with added enrichment activities and lots of outside play each day. Fostering the child’s self-esteem and self-help skills.We emphasis positive social interaction in a familiar group setting.  We encourage independence and problem solving. Above all, we would like the children to experience a positive, fun, nurturing and safe environment for them to grow, as well as succeed.

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