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While we always welcome new friends joining our Kinder
Cottage family (on a space available basis), we are currently
offering one consistent cohort for children 3 year through 5
year old. Continuity of care with familiar friends and teachers
is a gift for all. We strive to foster the child’s self-esteem
and self-help skills, in a traditional preschool setting, sharing
a thematic curriculum for the younger children, while
introducing the older children to a more academic curriculum.
Specifically, Pre-Kindergarten Readiness. We emphasis positive
social interaction in a family group setting. We encourage
independence and problem solving. Above all, we would like the
children to experience a positive, fun and nurturing
environment for them to continue to grow, as well as succeed.


3 year through
5 year old


Limited to 18-20 children daily


Each day consists of special time for free play, circle, Spanish, art, music, calendar, story time, exploration, dramatic play, small motor skill, large motor and outdoor/farm play

 (a weekly curriculum schedule is posted). 


Our curriculum incorporates a nationally recognized core program The Letter People. This is a balanced early literacy program that introduces the children to the letters of the alphabet thematically, while teaching a life lesson. Each letter person unit encourages development in the cognitive, language, mathematical, musical, large/small motor and artistic areas. This curriculum is flexible, which enables us to plan accordingly for each child. Consistency, set expectations and positive reinforcement are adhered to daily, with the same teachers working with the children each day.

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